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Juxtaposition of Depression

Juxtaposition of Depression


or $3,000 for both pieces, they were made together.


30" X 40" - Pencil, Watercolor, Ink

professionally framed with conservation clear glass

with matt and frame approx. 46" x 36"

 standard slightly textured white matte and metal black frame


Depression has many faces, its despairing, death capable touch has affected everyone. You can be distant and personal, smile and frown, laugh and cry. The depths of the depression may be unknown. We can do our best to be honest with each other, open, vulnerable and empathetic. Open communication aids healing.The phrases I used, I’ve said these words to myself. I’ve had friends tell me these phrases, some were the last words they ever said to me. This was one of the most difficult pieces I have ever done. I had to take emotional breaks throughout the process.

  Sometimes we have friends and family who are suffering right in front of us. There could be a daunting internal monologue that we’re unaware of. It can be a real challenge to recognize what’s hidden.


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